Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weekly prompt 01/15/09

I've been thinking about temperatures as outside gets colder and colder by the hour, and consider that is might be a good time to visit our thoughts on this. So, how about the following:

Using the words below (all of some), write a poem about cold without it being about weather.

bitter, magic, left, solid, machine, logo, pewter, floor, odor, mouth

Now go ahead.. you know you want to.... go on.... you can do it.... write! you might choose to write a sonnet, or a pantoum, or just five stanzas that each use two of the words. Or you might choose ten lines, each with one of the words. 

Here is a starter line to use if you are stuck:

I barely remember the magic


  1. Hi Carol, here's my noble contribution . . .

    Without mentioning winter,
    I will say that its bitter magic
    has left me solid as pewter
    braced to the elemental machine
    that will run its course over
    the next few months

    my wandering shoes nailed
    to the kitchen floor, still I savor
    the odor of snow, of wood fire,
    the taste of it here in my mouth,
    while outside my window
    snow sculptures glaze over
    in this deep freeze
    we call
    late January

    Selkie O'
    Camden, Maine

  2. Selkie, This is a stunning poem, capturing exactly the flavor of winter in Maine. Thanks for sharing it with me and our fellow bloggers!


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