Thursday, January 15, 2009

My birthday

OK, so tomorrow I am 62. I have already signed up for SS and will get my first check in March. I decided to take early SS as there is not a way I am going to increase things through my minute job at Taft College. 

But I have bigger and tastier fish to broil (frying not healthy right so the metaphor has to be altered to fit a healthier lifestyle!). I have just purged the piles and piles of junk that magically appeared while I was teaching Comp. I can see all areas clearly and things seem neat and organized. THAT frees me up to spend time submitting my manuscript and a few poems individually as well. Ahhhh, I love winter. It is a great time of folding in and expanding outward with creative pursuits.

I will say that I have not been without some successes in the literary world even while teaching. Two journals based in Connecticut have taken poems for upcoming issues: Dogwood let me know that one of my poems was in the top 12 finalists for the Dogwood Prize and they will publish the poem. CT Review has also taken a poem for either Fall '09 or Spring '10. Both of these wonderful journals are university-based and I am pleased to say the least. Pleased too because they took poems I absolutely love. I am happy these have found homes!

So, now it is about writing more and enjoying the time I have to write. I love the process of writing, but even more I love the editing and revision that happens AFTER the bones are erect on the poems. It is a bit like playing paper dolls, finding the right clothes and hair styles and making her as lovely and fascinating as possible! Wow! WHERE did that metaphor come from? My childhood is apparently alive and well in the recesses of my mind!

I have also been lucky enough to land a class in the adult ed of the local school system. I will teach on Wednesdays for 4 weeks. My class will cover writing locally, finding poems in "where you live."  I look forward to this and have my materials all ready to go for the first class which is Feb 25th. 

So despite the bitter cold (it is a hefty ZERO right now), I am warmed as always by poetry. 

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