Friday, January 30, 2009

weekend post

Hi all, just a quick post before embarking on a weekend of writing and knitting. It seems to me that I am like the last cell in a dying body here, with not too many folks responding or posting. Please get out the word that this is a good place to talk about poetry, a good place to TRY some poems and to express whatever is on your minds having to do with writing as art, as healing, as balm for the weak and weary world. 

Here is a prompt for the weekend:

Face, over-wintered by ___________, she sags into

Here is mine (this is a draft, done on the fly, so not so great at this point):

Mae's Rest

Face over-wintered by age, she sags into the chair
Elmer fashioned out of birdseye maple, the year they married. Its cushion 
is bare and shiny, the imprint of her permanent now. Here she nursed
four babies, loved them back from fevers and measles. The rockers 
squeak like her bones as she settles to rest in the greying afternoon. 
Ice clicks along the window, slipping to the ground and shattering, 
as she will one day.  In the moment before sleep soothes her, she sees faces 
and formsall around her: parents, husband, the babe that did not survive
his first winter. It would be so easy to go where they are, to click down the pane 
and settle to the ground. A whistle in the distance: tea is ready on the stove.  


  1. Face, over-wintered by what other people think, she sags into another day of work and worry. There was no time to wash her car over the weekend due to the usual chores, errands and listening to people who called because they had nothing else to do. She was a tired soldier who barely had enough time to get to work if none of the usual traffic problems occurred. She'd already decided to park at the end of the lot hoping no one would notice the neglect of her vehicle. Thankfully, a fast food breakfast was in reach so she'd prepare her own hot breakfast another day. She didn't remember making the turn into the employee parking lot because she was trying to count how many days ago she'd worn this particular outfit. She wished she could play hooky as well as she played every other part.


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