Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, it's February already and there is blood in the yard. A hawk has scooped up a pigeon and there is one dead squirrel. It's interesting how the cycle of life keeps spinning, how there is always blood somehow involved. For this week, what about cycles? Is there something cyclic in YOUR life you'd like to "poem-ize?" Here are a couple starters and some juicy words to use:


It's a matter of blood


It's more than wash, rinse, spin

Words to consider using: 

patch, garish, decay, rag, flint, scoop, whirl, cinder


wring, front, lease, copper, burn, winnow, exhaust, fret

OK, now it's up to you. I will post my tries later.



    We are driving to a Christmas party.
    On the radio, a flute plays Silent Night.
    It is like slow motion. We turn our faces
    from each other, look straight ahead at the car
    in front of us, smiling.

    And then, we see it,
    the raccoon struggling, only three legs
    working, to get off the road, to make it
    to the ditch where we know it will suffer and die.

    We drive on, like the car in front of us.
    I say, you should have hit it.
    You say, I just couldn’t.

    And I think of how a dead crow
    will feed the flocks,
    biting and clawing in the still echoes
    of sleeping trees.


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