Thursday, January 1, 2009


Good New Year all! It is wicked cold here in Maine today, temps sunken to single digits and wind chill way way down. But a warm heart can cure a cold wind, so we are cozy here. I wrote the last poem of '08 and was finished with it at 11PM, leaving me time to watch the ball drop on Times Square. Seemed as if not so many folks braved the cold to be there in person this year. I prefer the tv version of being there. 

I am getting started on the first poem of  '09 as I am ready to watch the Rose Bowl. Of course I am rooting for the USC Trojans, but I root alone in my family. Everyone else will root for Penn State. I don't mind going solo on this!

Well, I will be posting the last/first poems tomorrow. Be warned: they are drafts. I usually wait several days or longer before beginning the revision process --- after a healthy "distance" is achieved!

Good words to all for 2009!

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