Wednesday, April 29, 2009

gone, but not gone

Mea culpa, mea culpa! I have been a BAD little blogger! Truth be told, I have been bad at this because I've been a good little writer! I am just finishing the Poem-A-Day challenge from Writer's Digest and have been really cranking them out. Now, as to whether any are good????? Well, shortly I will post a few and see. Meanwhile let me recommend a few good poetry books just out:

1. Usher, by BH Fairchild just arrived at my door yesterday and I am sure it will be good. I have looked at a few poems and it seems he is going in a new direction (for him) and I am intrigued.

2. Rough Cradle by Betsy Sholl is a nice new collection. I prefer her older one, Late Psalm, but the new work is very good.

3. Rooms and Their Airs by Jody Gladding is my top pick this time.  She really hits it with this one! I find the poems to be diction-rich and driven by a need to run into the woods and shout and cry and laugh. The poems touch it all.

So enough now. I have a poem to write for the challenge. (and yesterday's sestina to finish as well)

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