Thursday, June 26, 2008

A poem for today

I want you to see what I mean about endings. Here is a recent poem where the endings are carefully chosen for power. Look at the end of each line and also the end words of each stanza. See how they move the poem along and create dramatic tension. Tell me what YOU think. 

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  1. oops! here is the poem:
    Come Home to the Sea

    The whole watered universe is more,
    more real than cities and towns.
    It’s a refuge soft as sea-smoke, an other
    world beyond the hard edge
    where metal twists, tongues burn,
    and no one remembers the sky.

    Come home to the sea
    that lifts and falls,
    that calls to you in the wind.

    I’m the outermost house, my floors
    shift with the tide, turn to sand. I’ve no doors
    to shut against the wolf, to slam against the truth.
    I’ve thresholds of stones, carpets of sea-oats.
    My windows follow the path of the sun.
    Every wall reveals new weather.

    Come home to the sea,
    that lifts and falls,
    that calls to you in the wind.

    Lift the blue coverlet, come to bed.
    Feel the ebb and neap of the tide.
    We’ll stare at the stars from our roof made of sky,
    see the moon wax and wane, watch clouds fill with rain.
    Come home now. You’re home now. Stay here forever.
    Hear me whisper your name to the wind.


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